Welcome to Mount Grace Hospitals, Inc. (MGHI), an expanding network of trusted hospitals in key urban areas around the Philippines.

Started its operations in 2013, Mount Grace focuses on providing accessible medical services to the communities it serves. From giving access to relevant information that answers the needs of its patients, to directing patients and potential customers to the hospitals with appropriate facilities, down to assisting with costs, Mount Grace is dedicated to delivering the right health care to you. Access that can only be brought about by a collaborative synergy among our partner hospitals. A committed partnership that guarantees the best solutions, evidenced by positive patient experience anchored on excellent service quality.

At Mount Grace Hospitals, Inc. we go the distance for you. Through improving healthcare systems, to investing in technology, to elevating standards of service, we strive to give our patients the healthcare they deserve.

Better access to better health. That’s the Mount Grace commitment.


We are a growing network committed to making a difference in the lives of thousands of Filipinos. Join us as we work together to provide better access to better health.

We continue to seek partnership with hospitals, particularly those located in key urban areas. Being part of the Mount Grace network opens new opportunities that can heighten institutional sustainability while finding continuous relevance in the hospital's catchment area.

Doctors, health professionals, management and administrative staff are also invited to be part of the Mount Grace network. Together, we can continuously craft initiatives that will enhance career growth opportunities in a fulfilling work environment.

Third-party payors (TPP) are key players of the health care system that Mount Grace seeks to partner with. We can devise arrangements where TPP members can conveniently access value-for-money medical care in accordance with agreed service standards.

Suppliers of medical products and services play an important role in the provision of medical care. We would like to establish partnerships that go beyond the vendor-vendee engagement.